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Moose Knuckle Classic Core jackets and parkas are created using a blend of fabric consisting of 74% Cotton and 26% Nylon, this blend ensures durability, strength and warmth, this is only one of the many major components that bring quality and the luxurious look into our parka designs. Each garment is coated on the backside of the shell fabric to create a protective inner shield from wind and water. This repellent system has been tested to perform well in the harsh cold winter temperatures, helping our clients stay warm in -40 degree cold extremes.

Our zippers are a heavy duty industrial YKK zipper. YKK makes the world’s toughest and longest lasting zippers. The initial stiffness of the zipper will loosen with wear, and the double adjustable zipper makes it easy to comfortably adjust your jacket or parka to sit warmly in any setting.

Our detachable hoods are created not only for you to wear your parka in milder temperatures, but are also useful when cleaning your coat body, without causing damage to your fur hood or pom poms.

We use Arctic Blue Fox and Silver Fox furs. Each fur is produced with the high quality selected from Scandinavian and Canadian furriers that are ethically certified. The natural fur colours make for each jacket or parka to be unique with colours running from white, white & brown tints, silver, and our new black fur. Fox fur is soft, sleek and naturally stronger, giving an advantage of a fluffy and fuller look that will stay beautiful year after year, even through the roughest treatment!

Our thermal insulator is Grey Duck Down with a Loft of 725 cubic inches per ounce. This insulator is used in all our jackets and parkas for protection and padding in the harshest conditions. Down product is one of the oldest traditional clothing insulators. Down filaments come from the fluffy coating from ducks and goose, that overlap to create small air pockets that trap warmth and body heat. These filaments are breathable and keep away moisture. The loft size is measured by a standardized fill power measurement system. The fill power is measured by the number of cubic inches per given ounce. An ounce of down is placed in a graduated cylinder with a small weight placed on top of it; the volume below the weight indicates the fill power. The larger the number, the more mature the bird, which equals a higher loft in down. Our loft blend is 800 per cubic oz, guaranteed to keep you warm.

The details on our jackets are subtle, each crafted to personalize the uniqueness; we believe each jacket and parka is as diverse as the people who wear them.

Apart from the different colours of our furs, our MK emblem located on the left side of the jacket, has its own uniqueness. Each emblem is made from steel metal with colours ranging from; gun metal, antique nickel, royal brass, matte black, matte silver and 14k gold plated. Our inside yolk logo showcasing the hockey fight between Canada and our neighbour to the South reflects our brand’s humorous spirit and the love Canadians have for our national sport.

Counterfeit Warning

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WARNING: Beware of Fraudulent Moose Knuckles Web Stores!

This is the only official Moose Knuckles web store.

Please be aware that our Moose Knuckles coats and jackets are often copied by counterfeiters. After analysis of the contents of those copied products, it is easy to see that fillers are used in place of down, full of bacteria and other harmful substances. We guarantee our coats to protect against the harsh Canadian winters; no fur and no down means higher chances of frostbite or freezing. For more product information visit our Product Information section.

Please also note that inside each Moose Knuckles coat and jacket there is a hologram tag that acts as an authentic product identifier. If you do not see this hologram then there is a chance your coat is a fake.

Any Moose Knuckles products coming from an un-authorized retailer are not covered by our warranty.

To purchase an authentic Moose Knuckles product, visit an authorized retailer. To locate an authorized retailer, please visit our Store Locator.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the Moose Knuckles head office at 1-844-99MOOSE (1-844-996-6673) or email:

Fur policy

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For our products featuring fur, we use an assortment of furs, lamb, rabbit, but mainly Blue and Silver Fox (in 3 different colour varieties: Natural Blue Fox, Dyed Blue Fox and Natural Red Fox) as well as Shadow Fox Fur. We only use Saga Certified furs.

Please note that when ordering one of our products that feature fur, we cannot guarantee the colour of the fur because of their natural variation.

Moose Knuckles has advertised on this website and in certain of its core parkas and bombers that those products are “Made in Canada”. The Competition Bureau of Canada has guidelines entitled “Product of Canada and “Made in Canada” claims which Moose Knuckles supports and has adopted as the Canadian standard for "Made in Canada" representations. We are committed to ensuring that all of our representations comply with the guidelines and that our customers receive accurate information about these products. To this end we have agreed, to post this notice to advise our customers that we added operations at our Canadian factories, and to make it clearer that certain parkas are made with Canadian and imported contents.

For USA based customers:


Since you’re in the US and want your Moose Knuckles product to be shipped to a US destination, you need to place your order on our US website:

Sorry about that…it’s a postal/zip code thing.

Stay warm!

For European based customers:


Since you’re in Europe and want your Moose Knuckles product to be shipped to a European destination, you need to place your order on our European website:

Sorry about that…it’s a continent thing.

Stay warm!

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