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Since 1921 our family has been protecting Canadians from the cold—a relentless quest that founded Moose Knuckles Canada in 2009.

From day one we have made it a priority to invest in Canada. From our tradition-steeped factories, to our expert furriers in Toronto, to our passionate design team in Montreal, everything we do here is Canadian to the core.

We cultivate homegrown talent and skill, and live to innovate, challenge and lead the industry from our home turf. Our core parkas, bombers and other jackets are made in Canada with Canadian and imported components. Here's what we do in Canada: Moose Knuckles currently operates from three factories, and employs 200+ Canadians—including 90 skilled technicians—in the design, quality maintenance and production of our core coat collection. We proudly support local manufacturing. As a result, we inject millions of dollars annually in the Canadian economy, while preserving a tradition of Canadian craftsmanship.

The artisanal process of producing an average Moose Knuckles coat requires 74 operations and 90 skilled craftspeople. Each process is done by hand and requires the expertise of skilled pattern makers, machine operators, sewers and many other, all of whom, work tirelessly to bring you the finest coats that can be built.

Our design team discerningly sources the very best raw materials and other components globally for our time-honoured premium garments, tailored for contemporary living.

We build Canadian know-how, grit and heritage into every fiber, stitch and zipper. Our impeccable tailoring, luxury materials, hardware, attention to detail and our wild attitude have earned us praise from the very best luxury retailers, in 25 countries worldwide.

We are a family, a tribe, a pack and we wear it on our sleeves, whether it’s a wild night or the wild country, we’ve got you covered…Welcome To Canada… Welcome to Moose Knuckles.