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Moose Lounge

Discover a series of up-close and personal interviews with members of our creative community who tell us what ignites their fire within.

Eri wears a Bunny jacket

Meet Eri Wakiyama

Eri Wakiyama is a highly acclaimed classical pianist and visual artist. The Parsons School of Design alum's unique illustrations have captivated audiences worldwide, gaining the fashion industry's attention through her artwork often commissioned by premier luxury labels. Wakiyama alludes to different versions of herself in the characters she creates as a cathartic form of therapy, inspiring many young artists to do the same. She credits her deep interest in fashion and Japanese heritage as major influences of her artwork. This is her story.

Eri wears a Bunny jacket

“If it can help somebody, it's purposeful. So if [my art] can continue doing that, I'll keep drawing my silly characters.”

— Eri Wakiyama, Visual Artist

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