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Embracing style without sacrificing function

Don’t take our word for it

“Moose Knuckles […] has been ranked as the top parka brand in terms of having the highest thermal insulation value.”

– Retail Insider magazine, August 2018

Based on comparison between Moose Knuckles’ Core parka and three comparable core coats of its competitors.


The shell

Fabrics that keep you warm no matter the element

Durable front and back. Water repellent exterior finish, coupled with a waterproof laminated backing.

Down-proof baffle layer

We use lightweight duck and goose down insulations with superior fill power to keep you warm AF!

Down-proof baffle layer (feathers won’t poke through).

Though lining built to be tear and snag-proof.

If you understand the above then you know how warm this coat is

Moose Knuckles uses certified, 100% ethically sourced premium RDS* ducking goose downs to ensure superior performance and quality. Higher fill power provides maximum warmth without weighing you down. We set the standard by using fill powers ranging from 650+ to 800 cc’s.

(Less fill, more chill)
Moose Knuckles Classic Core Coats
Moose Knuckles Mid-Core Coats

NO CHILL *RDS (Responsible Down Standard)

The perfect zipper

Moose Knuckles custom full metal zipper:

  • Heavy duty
  • Water-repellent
  • Unbreakable metal
  • Freeze and rust proof





  1. Align top and bottom zipper sliders
  2. Fully insert pin into two-way zipper sliders
  3. Hear sharp click
  4. Pull up top zipper slide
  5. Rinse and repeat for easier use

We primarily use Saga-certified Finnish fox hand-sewn in Canada. Saga sets the highest standard worldwide for ethically and sustainably produced furs.

Interior pocket to keep your valuables secure and accessible.

Most styles feature interior and exterior storm plackets to keep the wind out.

Heavy duty yet ultra-soft and cozy protective luxe pocketing - the toughest and warmest around.

Luxe anti - pill knit cuff with stretch and recovery technology.

Most styles include interlining bolts at the shoulder and upper-arm to ensure warmth at critical heat-loss spots. No more cold shoulder.

Luxe down insulation in all the right places. Each down pillow has a 4-ply construction ensuring against down loss, migration, and penetration. In other words, warmth stays in, cold stays out.

Handsewn reinforcements throughout. Every snap, rivet, corner and bar-tack is reinforced against wear and tear. Same method used in tents (kind of).

Inside security pocket with zip closure.

Made in Canada with the finest Canadian and imported materials

Scan the RFID (inside, behind care and content label) to find out more about this Moose Knuckles item and to confirm its authenticity.
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