Future Party People

Welcome to the future. The gradual heating of the earth has disrupted a massive ocean current, melting Arctic sea glaciers and triggering a sudden global ice age. The large majority of the world’s population have perished from the cold and starvation.The year is now 6969. We follow the story of four fearless women and their faithful man-servants — remnants of an oppressed civilization — travelling across great distances in search of food and supplies. They are a loyal tribe living by their instincts, sleeping close for warmth, partying like animals and following the call of the wild. The world is theirs alone… or is it? The prophecies have foretold of a group of party people who are said to inhabit the cold and unbearable region once known as Canada. Our pack has never dared to venture this way due to harsh winds and snowfall. However, as their supplies dwindle they brave the weather in search of adventure and euphoria. They embark on a quest for the greatest party on earth, despite all odds.