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What exactly does the recipient receive when I send a digital Gift Card?​

A digital Gift Card is an electronic Gift Card sent via email. The email includes the recipient's name and your personalized message, its value and gift card number. ​​

Can I change the value of a Gift Card after I've paid for it?​​​

No, after the order has been placed it is not possible to update the gift card amount. ​

Can I buy multiple gift cards for different people?​

Yes, you can buy multiple gift cards for different people one at a time. ​The email will be sent to every individually separately with respective gift cards. ​

Can I return my digital Gift Card?​

No, gift cards are final sale, and cannot be exchanged for cash.​

How do I cancel the purchase of a digital Gift Card?​

Gift card purchases are final sale, cancelation are not possible. ​

Can I reload my digital Gift card?​

Not possible.​

When is my credit card charged for my purchase of gift card?

Your card will be charged once your order has been invoiced. Timing for this is generally within 24 hours.

Are there any fees associated with digital Gift Cards?​


What payment methods do you accept?​

All payments method available are valid except Klarna.​

When will my recipient receive their digital Gift Card?​

The gift card will be delivered to the recipient within 24 hours from time of purchase. If a gift card order is placed on Friday, the recipient will not receive their gift card until the following Monday. ​

Reasons for Failed Delivery of digital Gift Cards​

  1. Your payment method might have failed or was not approved by your payment method.​
  2. Spam filter blocked email or routed it to a bulk/spam folder​.
  3. Recipient's firewall blocked the email​.
  4. Email inbox is over size limit​.
  5. Invalid email address​.

How do I know the recipient received the digital Gift Card that I sent them?​

It should be invoiced within 24 hours and once it’s invoiced, the email goes automatically to the recipient of the gift. You can always call the customer service to check the progress.​

I want a printed digital Gift Card to present to someone as a gift. How do I do this?​​

Just write your name to the recipient of the email and you’ll receive the gift card email and can print it. ​

Can I buy a digital Gift Card for myself?​

Yes, you can fill the name and the recipient email information with your own.​​

Where can I use my digital Gift Card?​​

Online at​

Where can I check the balance of my digital Gift Card?​​​

In your account on the Moose Knuckles Website. Also, as a guest, ​at the checkout page, under payments section, you can see the card balance by clicking the ‘see balance’ link under the gift card box after entering ​your gift card number in the box. ​

What happens when I return a product that was purchased using a digital Gift Card?​

It’s going to be refunded on your Digital gift card. The purchased item has to be returned to the online store and the refund will be handled by our customer service team. It can not be done in stores.​

What do I do if I can’t locate my digital Gift Card?​​

Ensure your gift card's email address is entered correctly. Verify your email's spam or junk folder if that's the case.​​

When does my digital Gift Card expire?​​​

It doesn’t have an expiration date.​​​

Is my order secure through Digital Gift Card​​​

Yes, it’s 100% secure.​

Can I change the currency of my digital Gift Card?​​​

No, it’s tied to the Moose Knuckles store that the card is purchased from. ​For example, if it’s purchased at Canada Store, it takes the currency for CAD and​ can't be changed to another currency. ​