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Discover a series of up-close and personal interviews with members of our creative community who tell us what ignites their fire within.

Eri wears a Bunny jacket

Meet Javon Walton

Javon “Wanna” Walton is a rising star whose talent and versatility has already garnered him widespread acclaim within the entertainment industry. He grew up pursuing a career in professional boxing from the tender age of four before showcasing his mental and physical agility in his breakthrough acting role on the hit HBO television series Euphoria as “Ashtray.” Keep an eye out for him on the upcoming Hulu true crime miniseries Under the Bridge, as well as future fights in the boxing ring. His goal is to become a boxing world champion by the age of 25.

Javon wears a jacket

“You're not mentally tested as much [in acting] as you are as a boxer. You know, every day it's a test with boxing. You have to prove so much in that world. It's a different kind of mindset you gotta to be able to have. You gotta be able to sacrifice a lot to be able to box.”

— Javon Walton, Actor

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