The Weight Is Over

Float through spring in the latest from our lightweight collection.

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Made to be shed

Spring weather has more ups and downs than a theme park. Make the most of your moments in the sun, and wear a jacket that doesn’t hold you back while you’re holding it.

Although not typically considered a go-to for spring, there’s nothing like an ultra-thin (and ultra-light) layer of high-loft 800 FP down to carry you (or be carried) through the ups and downs of your day.

Core Values

Versatile Vests For Any Venture.

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Put the cold on ice

We created the Descendents Jacket 2.0 to overcome shifting weather. High-density shell fabric naturally repels water, so even rain can't...rain on your parade.

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When it rains, get wet.

The Vanilla Sky Jacket’s integrated hood, high-loft down, and water repellent shell make it perfect for weathering springs cold, wet weather.

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A weight off your shoulders

We use a recycled nylon shell fabric because it’s great for the environment. The fact that it’s also extremely light and naturally water repellent may have been a factor too.

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The Lightweight Collection

Convenient in every sense of the word.

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