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Care and Cleaning

Everyday care tips for your coat:

  • Your coat should always be hung on a broad, sturdy hanger to keep the shoulders from losing their shape. The neck of the hanger should be long enough to keep the collar &/or hood fur trim away from the hanging rod.
  • Avoid using hairspray or applying perfume while wearing your coat. The formulas of most brands contain alcohol which can dry the hides. Any oils in the products may penetrate the fur trim and eventually become rancid. The odor is nearly impossible to remove.
  • Avoid crushing the fur trim.


Periodic cleaning of down jackets is essential to maintaining maximum loft and ensuring the long life of the product. We recommend that you have your jacket professionally dry cleaned by a service that specializes in down insulated products.

Please make sure to refer to the product care label on your garment for specific wash care instructions.

Fur Maintenance

Fur should not be dry cleaned!

To maintain fur's appearance, do not rub away or dab any water that gets on it. The fur will end up matting. Just shake off the moisture that has collected, and then hang it in a cool, dry place.

You can brush the fur using a proper fur brush. Be sure to brush following the direction of the hair, and to use short and even strokes as you work a small section at a time. Fur brushes have wider spaced teeth and soft edges, which prevent the brush from damaging the skin of the fur.

If you do not have a proper fur brush, you can run your fingers through the fur to help clear-out any dirt or debris.

Never brush your fur with a "normal" brush. This will damage the fur as the teeth on a normal brush are too fine. Avoid making long strokes the length of the coat. This can cause the coat to stretch.

Storing your jacket

When warmer temperatures arrive, we recommend storing your down coat in a well-ventilated area. We recommend that you store your jacket in a garment bag to help the jacket maintaining its loft throughout its lifespan. Make sure you store your jacket in the cleanest condition possible as sweat and unwanted chemicals will degrade the fabrics over time. Do not store your coat in a non-breathable garment bag, especially not in a plastic bag, that doesn't breathe. The fur trim needs air circulation to keep the hide from drying out and cracking. Opt for a 100 percent cotton bag to keep dust out of the fur. The cotton bag is also easily washed.

Any Questions?

If you have any question regarding care, cleaning or maintenance of any of your Moose Knuckles products, just contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help you!