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Check Authenticity

There's an NFC tag inside all Moose Knuckles products to help make sure it's the real deal. To check your product, scan the NFC tag located on the side seam of your item with your smartphone, and you'll be directed to a page informing you of your product's authenticity.

Steps To Check Authenticity:

Ensure you have an NFC compatible device:

  • Android models starting 2012 (Android 4.2) or higher are equipped with built-in NFC and are automatically enabled to read NFC tags – make sure NFC is enabled.
  • Apple iPhone XR/XS generations or newer are equipped with built-in NFC readers and are automatically enabled to read NFC tags
  • If you have an iPhone 7 or 8, you need to download an NFC reader from the App Store: Apple Store Link
  • If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier ... it's time to buy a new phone
  • An extensive list of NFC enabled devices can be found here:

Bring your device up close to the tag to read it

  • Once the tag is read by the device, you will be directed to a site that will confirm its authenticity.


What's NFC and how does it work?
NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a thin, flexible technology that requires no batteries to function. Once scanned, users will be provided with information about the item they scanned.

How long does an NFC tag last?
NFC tags can be encapsulated in a number of materials to make them safe for items that need to be washed and dried. For embedded products, an NFC tag will last the usable life of the product.

Can Moose Knuckles track me by satellite?
No, we will simply use the NFC to show you whether or not the item you scanned is authentic.

Will you be storing any information after I scan my tag?
No, since we will not prompt you to register the jacket, no information will be captured or stored.

What do I do if the item scanned is not authentic?