Counterfeit Warnings


This is the only official Moose Knuckles web store.

Please be aware that our Moose Knuckles coats and jackets are often copied by counterfeiters. After analysis of the contents of those copied products, it is easy to see that fillers are used in place of down, full of bacteria and other harmful substances. We guarantee our coats to protect against the harsh Canadian winters; no fur and no down means higher chances of frostbite or freezing. For more product information visit our Product Information section.

Please also note that inside each Moose Knuckles coat and jacket there is an NFC tag that acts as an authentic product identifier. If you do not see this NFC tag then there is a chance your coat is a fake.

Any Moose Knuckles products coming from an un-authorized retailer are not covered by our warranty.

To purchase an authentic Moose Knuckles product, visit an authorized retailer. To locate an authorized retailer, please visit our Store Locator

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the Moose Knuckles head office at 1-844-99MOOSE (1-844-996-6673) or email: